So You Want To Know More?

Yeah, what's this Caton Design Group all about? Figured you'd ask, and we don't blame you.

Caton Design Group is owned by Seth W. Caton, a skilled professional in crafting attractive brands, easy to use websites, and a variety of printed materials.

Seth's diverse background gives a decisive advantage to clients, and includes:

  • B.S. in Journalism from West Virginia University
  • Over 20 years of logo design/printed materials design experience
  • Over 15 years website development experience
  • Over 25 years experience working with computers
  • A wonderful wife and four boys who remind him why he works so hard

How did Seth get into business?

Well, it all started when he was 4 years old and snuck out of the house with cheese and crackers to sell "sandwiches" on a small wooden table at the street corner. Boy did he get in trouble for that one.

In 2004, while still in college, Seth was inspired by the work of Joe Hardy in revitalizing the downtown area. Seth opened up shop in the National City building (now First Niagara) on Main Street in Uniontown, PA.

Since then, Seth has served a staggering array of businesses spanning manufacturing, technology, medicine, law, retail, online vendors, housing, photography, hospitality, education, government, non-profits, and more.

Want to talk with Seth?

He's not hard to find. Simply use our contact form or call 724-317-2229 during normal business hours!